iCloud Private Relay Will Bring Dead-Simple Website Security to the Masses

Dan Moren, writing at Six Colors:

iCloud Private Relay helps combat both of these loopholes through the use of a dual-hop architecture. Essentially, any traffic from Safari on an Apple device, as well as DNS queries, and a subset of app traffic (specifically insecure web traffic), will be routed through two separate servers: an ingress proxy managed by Apple that hides your IP address (by essentially slapping its own IP address on the request), and an egress proxy, run by a content provider,” which only sees the server you’re trying to access.

I typically use a VPN when I’m at an airport or on other public networks and otherwise rely on cellular service. But it’s hit or miss that I remember to turn it on at all. A built-in solution that requires no configuration or user input will be a welcome addition.

It’s good to see that Apple has thought through the implications of iCloud Private Relay, including a solution for schools and other managed networks to disable it. But, users will also be notified and given the option not to use that network.

I am looking forward to turning this on, leaving it on, and removing my existing VPN.

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