• Updated the text on my About page to better explain the best ways to connect with me, including my Threads profile.
  • Published a Feeds’ page which lists links to the various ways folks can subscribe to HeyDingus or my personal accounts, plus a rather in-depth explainer about what RSS is and how to us it.
  • Updated the stylesheet and navigation links to change the old stylized Feed link to the new /feeds page.


  • Published the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library page, and first shortcut to it.
  • Moved the Shortcuts Library to the top of the Projects page
  • Removed the redirect from /shortcuts to /tagged/shortcuts
  • Defined a new button class with rainbow border to match Shoutouts box
  • Included a Tinylytics kudos button on Shortcuts Library item pages


  • Swapped out the promotional emoji in the header from the Pride Flag to the Trans Flag because trans people are under attack in the USA
  • Published a public view into the page analytics for this site and linked it on the Projects page
  • Changed image captions to span a max-width of 90%, up from 80%


  • Published a Days Waiting’ page with a list of things that I’ve personally been waiting a while for, and added it to the Lists page
  • Finished migrating all the titles of 7 Things posts from being date-based to issue number-based

2023-06-17: Published a Stuff I Love’ page with a full list of my items added to

2023-06-07: Published my list of Apple wishes page and linked to it on the Lists page

2023-06-02: Added the pride flag emoji (🏳️‍🌈) to the header linking to the Equality Federation for Pride Month and made a donation in support of LGBTQ+ rights


  • Published Changelog page
  • Updated Colophon on About page and Projects page with links to Changelog


  • Published Lists page
  • Updated Projects page to include Lists project
  • Started changing the naming scheme for 7 Things’ to use the issue number instead of the date

2023-05-26: Changed Me’ in header to @jarrod’ and linked to profile

2023-05-18: Updated Projects page to include Letters project