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Note that this page is in progress. I’m working on bringing all my shortcuts home to this website. But until they’ve been moved into their permanent home here, you can continue to find some on RoutineHub.

Welcome to the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library! It’s the home for shortcuts created by me, Jarrod Blundy. I love automation generally, and Shortcuts specifically. It has unlocked endless creative possibilities for making my gadgets work better for me, and maybe it will for you, too. Whether you use the shortcuts below only once, every single day, or just to learn more about automation, I hope they help make your computers more useful.

You can find all of my Shortcuts-related blog posts, including step-by-step explainers, right here.

Library Stats

Total number of shortcuts in the library: 32

Last updated: 2024-04-13

🛍️ Amazon Affiliate Linker
Clean up long Amazon item URLs and apply your Affiliate ID.
🖼️ Bulk MB Image Uploader
Upload a bunch of images to at once.
🔁 Convert Text and Post to Threads
Convert a Markdown-formatted text post into a Threads-compatible one, complete with auto-threaded image descriptions.
🔢 Count Characters for Timeline
Count the number of rich text characters in a post so it can be edited to be within the Timeline’s limit.
🗒️ Create Task with Drafts Notes
Automatically create both a Things to-do and a Drafts note with links back to each other.
📰 De-News
Fetch the original web URL for an Apple News article.
❓Emoji Meaning
Learn more about any emoji.
📺 Follow List of Channels in Play
Quickly and effortlessly follow a list of YouTube channel subscriptions in Play.
👓 Generate Alt Text with OpenAI Vision
Automatically generate an image description using OpenAI’s GPT4.
ℹ️ Get YouTube Video Info (HeyDingus’ Version)
Get basic info about a YouTube video and package it up for use elsewhere.
🔗 Get URL to Run Shortcuts
Create URL(s) to run shortcuts from anywhere that you can paste text.
🧠 Get Wisdom
Fetch a random bit of Merlin Mann’s wisdom.
😎 How Much Do I Have to Save for Vision Pro?
Calculate a per day, week, and month amount you’ll need to save up for the Vision Pro.
🔊 Make Spoken Audio of Text
Create a spoken version of any text and save it as an audio file.
🤣 Markdown Memes
Easily save and share your favorite memes as Markdown text.
📷 MB Photoblogger
Set up and post your daily photo for the Community Photoblogging Challenge.
⬆️ Multimedia Uploader
Upload any file to and format it for your blog post.
💬 Open Reply
Open the full conversation for a reply on from its URL.
🧵 Open Threads App
Open the Threads app as a step of a posting workflow.
🟩 Play Wordle
Open the website to play Wordle, delete the screenshot of your grid, and then go back to the task to complete it.
📣 Publish Quote
Publish a copied blockquote, with or without commentary, to
📝 Publish to
Publish text to your without any frills.
💾 Save for Later
Save different kinds of links to specific apps for reviewing later.
🗒️ Save Podcast Show Notes
Get the currently playing podcast’s show notes from Overcast and save them for later.
🔀 Shuffle HEY World
Open a random post from a random HEY World blog.
🌅 Simple MB Image Uploader
Upload an image to with minimal interaction and frills.
⌚ Stand Goal Cheater
Get Apple Watch Stand Goal credit in an hour of your choice when your watch doesn’t accurately record your stand hours.
⏱️ Time Saved With Overcast
Help track the hours that Overcast’s Smart Speed has saved you over time.
💧 UpShare MB
Easily share any file online using uploads.
🔣 URL Encode Text
Encode any text to be used in a URL.
✅ WordleBot (HeyDingus’ Version)
Make shared Wordle results even more accessible by converting emojis to images and adding alt text.
▶️ YouTube Launcher
Launch directly into specific parts of the YouTube app without distraction.


Got a shortcut you need made? I make (and fix) them on commission! I’ll make a bespoke automation to speed up your workflow. Want to chat about it first? Please reach out!

Here’s a public example of a commission I completed for Matt Langfords Tiny Theme plugin.

How to Use

After downloading a shortcut from its library page, it will live in your Shortcuts app. There, you can tap on one to run it. Or tap the button to edit it.

Anyone is welcome to freely download, customize, and redistribute shortcuts from the HeyDingus Library. They are provided for free out of love for the Shortcuts community and in the hope that they’ll help someone else to create or do something wonderful. Although it isn’t required, I would appreciate attribution if you use or share my shortcuts.

If you’re new to building or using Shortcuts, you can find my Shortcuts Tips and related blog posts here.

Here are a few resources for getting started with the Shortcuts app:

Unless necessary to communicate with a third-party web API, my shortcuts don’t rely on any external framework and/or dependencies to automatically update shortcuts or perform API calls that are not explicitly mentioned in the shortcut’s description. You can find my Terms of Use below.

The library will be updated with new shortcuts over time. Updates will be shared on the social web via the @jarrod and accounts.

Terms of Use

The shortcuts in the HeyDingus Library were tested for compatibility with the then-current versions of Apple’s operating systems and the Shortcuts app when they were added to You are welcome to use these shortcuts and modify them to suit your needs. However, please note that there is no guarantee that they will remain compatible with future updates to Apple’s operating systems or the Shortcuts app.

It’s important to understand that the shortcuts on are provided free of charge and as-is,” without any express or implied warranties. This includes warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. The writers at (the HeyDingus Team”) do not make any specific promises about the shortcuts, their specific functions, reliability, availability, or ability to meet your needs.

Furthermore, the HeyDingus Team will not be liable to you for any lost profits or other consequential, special, indirect, or incidental damages arising from or related to your use of the shortcuts.

Other Awesome Shortcuts

Here are some more shortcuts I use that were made by other talented people.

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Special Thanks

I want to recognize some folks for their help in bringing the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library to life: