⌘ July 8, 2023

I Can’t Just Call Them Tweets”

Alex Cranz, writing for The Verge:

But you know what other word you can say in polite company without explanation? Tweet. Just say tweet! It has a definition in multiple dictionaries directly related to posting online. It’s a word that immediately connotes the specific kind of posting every microblog including Twitter has tended toward. Tweet is the perfect word to describe a quick short post published to a feed.

Cranz brings passion to her argument, but I just can’t abide. I can’t give Musk the satisfaction of having the brand name for a microblog post, and I guarantee it would confuse folks in conversation. Tweet” as a verb and noun made it too far into public discourse as those things on Twitter to go back now.

I’ll go with the more generic posts” everywhere before I call them tweets”.


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