Twitter Might Expand From Micro-Blog to Macro-Blog

After what felt like an eternity with Twitter sitting on its laurels, they’re now churning out new features at an impressive pace. The latest initiative appears to be an upcoming expansion into the blogging space. Like, actual long-form blogs, not just threads or newsletters.

Here’s Filipe Espósito, reporting for 9to5Mac:

The feature was first discovered by app researcher Jane Wong, who showed a hidden menu on the social network’s website dedicated to the new Articles feature. While there are no details about how Twitter Articles will work, it will presumably let users write full articles on the social network without the 280-character limit.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to CNET that the company will share more details about Twitter Articles soon.


If Twitter does indeed let users write longer texts on the social network, this could be seen as an attempt to compete directly with other blogging platforms like Medium. We also don’t know if the social network will monetize articles in any way, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if longer texts are exclusive to Super Followers or Twitter Blue subscribers.

If true, I’d consider this the most interesting entry into the blogging sphere since HEY World. And, honestly, if I didn’t already have my own site, I’d give it serious consideration seeing as Twitter is where all my followers are already. Best to keep a close eye on this one!

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