A while back, I wrote a post seeking out correspondents to be penpals for a month. I was inspired by Jason Becker’s Letters Project and sought new and different conversations with new and different people. And who better to chat with than readers of this very site?

Yes, like you, dear reader.

The rules” are quite simple:

  • I have a list of people who have reached out to me and agreed to be my penpal for the month.
  • Just before their month kicks off, I’ll shoot them an email to remind them and to make sure they’re still on board.
  • Once we’re both settled, the penpal will drop me an email on or around the first of the month, and so the PenPal process begins.
  • As my penpal and I email back and forth, I’ll publish the conversation here, noting the updates in my regular blog feed. If they have a blog, they can do the same and I’ll gladly link to them.
  • That’s it!

So if you think you’d like to be part of this project, please get in touch! Feel free to provide a short introduction (not too much, let’s leave the good stuff for the letters 😉), a link to your home on the internet, and let me know which month or two you’re available. There will be no pressure on topics, just whatever’s on your mind. It’ll be fun, I promise.

After all, email is my love language. 💌

My PenPals

José Muñoz,
May 2023
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Chris Verbree,
June 2023
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Jason Becker,
July 2023
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Robert Silvernail,
October 2023
Read our conversation →

Kev Quirk,
November 2023
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Austin Huang,
December 2023
Read our conversation →

Valerie V.,
March 2024
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Ratika Deshpande,
April 2024
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Justin Wong,
May 2024
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Steve Ledlow,
July 2024


Thanks to Jason Becker for the inspiration of this whole project.

Thanks to Kev Quirk for the inspiration on the design of this page and the conversation layout.