7 Things (I Found) This Week [#2]

  1. Impeachment.fyi has been a succinct way to keep up with the impeachment progress this week. And full marks for the website URL. [Dan Sinker]
  2. This new overhead projector-like app for video calls would have been perfect when I was doing daily activity demonstrations earlier this year. I’ll still stick it in my toolbox. [Charlie Chapman]
  3. White Rhinos are on the razor’s edge of extinction. Scientists are trying to fix that problem (which we created) by making embryos before it’s too late. [National Geographic]
  4. These (unofficial) Twitter and Instagram feed are simply Apple marketing photos and nothing else. It’s a fun walk down memory lane, and a reminder of how awesome Apple is at product shots. [ Archive]
  5. Daniel Dale has been fact-checking Donald Trump for every day of his presidency, and these are what he believes are the President’s 15 most notable lies. I can scarcely imagine a more depressing and crazy-making job. [Daniel Dale]
  6. I hadn’t known that the phrase Designed in California” had significance beyond Apple’s iconic usage on all its products. [Diana Budds]
  7. Later in 2021 will be the 10-year anniversary of Steve Jobs’s death. Steve didn’t take many interviews, but he made time for the AllThingsD Conference. After Steve’s death, AllThingsD made all his appearances available to watch (along with a collection of essays about him) available on Apple Podcasts. I still find Steve’s ideas and the way he presented them to be fascinating. [Via Robert Silvernail]

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