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Updated March 2023. Old /now updates.

  • Simplifying my Now page so that I’m more motivated to keep it updated
  • Ice climbing as much as possible to level up my New York State Guide License
  • Waging an internal war regarding having a blog and microblog, or if they should just be one thing
  • Doing that annual thing where I read more books in January/February and then probably peter out (but hopefully not!)
  • Posting more to Instagram (which gets imported into my microblog)
  • Trying (still) to pare down my read/listen/watch-later queues and taking a hard look at what I can sustainably consume while also creating
  • Attempting a 30-day minimalism challenge
  • Sponsoring Gluon’s Discover page

Trying Out

Cooling Down On

  • BeReal. Didn’t have enough people I knew on it, and also always seemed to miss the notifications

Right Now.

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