A Friend Made Something Cool During COVID

My friend Jamie made the most of her extra time found during COVID quarantine and became a published author back in September:

Have you ever wanted to know your favorite food, once and for all? This is the book for you! This collection of over 50 different tournament-style brackets will help you to decide everything from the sport where you’d like to go pro to the worst vegetable to put in a smoothie. Each bracket includes 16 first level contenders just waiting for you put them to the test, head to head!

I’m an enthusiast, and frequent user, of wacky conversation starters with strangers. In fact, in college where I met Jamie, our friend group at Larzy 2nd West spent endless nights debating answers to questions like, What’s the best animal tail to have?” and If you discovered a new fruit, what would you call it?” This book fits right up that alley.

My wife and I were were thoughtfully gifted a copy for Christmas by a family member, and I’m looking forward to pulling it out for friend and family gatherings. It’s going to live with my go-to set of party games. You can check out What’s all that Bracket?: A Collection of Brackets to Turn Life Into a Tournament on Amazon.


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