⌘ November 23, 2021

Writing My First Script

Editor’s Note: I was looking through my ever-piling list of potential posts and found this one that never got published. I wrote it back in July, so it’s a few months late, but I’m still proud and wanted to document it here.

As part of my summer hobby to learn a bit about coding, I feel like a whole new world has opened up. I now understand just enough to be dangerous and to scratch my itches. As a heavy user of Drafts, I’d always wondered how folks made complex actions using Javascript. Today I took a stab at my own simple one.


I created my first scripting action today! It was also the first time I’ve ever tried to learn/use javascript, and I’m far more proud of it than is warranted.

My goal was to create a prompt that would allow me to choose from several formats to insert the current date into my current draft. I started with the Prompt action but couldn’t understand how to take the output of the prompt and change it into anything useful. All I could get out of the prompt was the text that made up the button I pressed.

So…I went down the (admittedly) much harder route and tried to figure out how to use a script to display a prompt and do what I wanted. It took a while, with much-referencing example actions in the Drafts Directory, the Drafts Script Reference, and this forum.

Here’s the result: Insert Current Date (Prompt). And here’s a screencast of it working using a keyboard command.

And here’s the script. It’s my first one, so I have a lot to learn. If anyone has suggestions on how to streamline the code, I’d love to learn. As Dani Rojas says in Ted Lasso, Roast me, amigo!”

// # Insert a formatted date in Drafts.app using a prompt.

// Store selection
const [st, len] = editor.getSelectedRange();

// Create prompt
var p = Prompt.create();

p.title = "Insert Formatted Date";

// Arrange the buttons in the order in which you prefer. The top button will be highlighted by default and can be selected by pressing the 'Return' key when prompted.
p.addButton("Month d, yyyy");

// Show prompt

var b = (p.buttonPressed)

var ymd = draft.processTemplate("2021-07-18")
var mdy = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%B %e, %Y]]")

// Process dates based on button selection and set variable for the processed date (pd).
if (b == "yyyy-mm-dd") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("2021-07-18")
if (b == "Month d, yyyy") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%B %e, %Y]]")
if (b == "mm/dd/yyyy") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%m/%d/%Y]]")
if (b == "mm-dd-yyyy") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%m-%d-%Y]]")
if (b == "mm/d/yy") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%m/%e/%y]]")
if (b == "mm-d-yy") {
    var pd = draft.processTemplate("[[date|%m-%e-%y]]")

// Take action
if (pd != undefined) {
    // Insert processed date template into the draft at the selected range or point
    editor.setTextInRange(st, len, pd);
    // Reactivate the editor with the insertion point at the end of the newly added date
    editor.setSelectedRange(st + pd.length, 0);


I posted this to the Drafts Community Forum and did indeed get some feedback. You can follow along with its progress on that page. Since then, I’ve updated the action a few times, and the version available from my page on the directory includes all the new features. The Drafts community is one of the best on the internet. 🥰

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