Kindle Vella

Amazon is trying something weird and new (but also old) in the reading space. It’s called Kindle Vella, and here’s the introduction video. Basically, it’s books (or stories”) that are released over time in separate parts. Yes, like TV shows or old-time magazine stories. I’m here for it! Many other media formats are successful using the serialized model, and I can see it working well for books too. At the very least, it’ll keep the conversation going while the story gets released.

What I’m not sold on is their business model. It’s too complicated by half. Personally, I think Vella would be ideal as a subscription service, just like video streaming services. Or have the author set a price for the whole story. I believe the token system will be a barrier for users.

One more suggestion: Amazon should use chapters” not episodes” as the term for a single chunk of the story. Maybe I’m old school, but episodes” doesn’t feel right for a written story.

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