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7 Things This Week [#21]

A weekly list of things I found interesting, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

  1. In Memoriam: Canon PIXMA MP610 — Alan Ralph

I can’t even remember when I originally bought you, definitely late 2000s. Your print head had trouble with ink in your later years, much as my own head lacks for hair, but you struggled on regardless. You finally keeled over while I was fetching some more plain paper… but did you have to do that right after I’d changed the black ink cartridge???

I, too, had to replace a beloved printer earlier this year. It lasted me close to a decade, and through many road trips and abuse in summer camp offices. But printer must get some sort of sick pleasure at dying right after you purchase more ink because that’s exactly what mine did, too.

  1. Bugs can be quite cute when viewed super close-up.

  2. Bugs Bunny Explains How LeBron Helped Him Get Sober For Role In Space Jam’ Sequel — The Onion

No one else wanted to stand up to me because I was a big celebrity,” the Looney Tunes star added. But LeBron looked me right in the eyes and asked, What’s up, doc?’—and I could tell he meant it.”

The Onion with another winner. It kind of disturbed me as a child, but I feel like I need to check out Space Jam again.

  1. Variety on Twitter with Hannah and Juno of Ted Lasso

Go behind the scenes of Hannah Waddingham and Juno Temple’s Variety cover shoot as they dish on their #TedLasso castmates and put their knowledge of each other to the test. https://t.co/KIsEeeVrPj pic.twitter.com/WWRJ1zlkru

This video is such a delight. I love seeing actors who are as good of friends off screen as they are on screen.

  1. Concept: Rethinking Safari in iOS 15 with the same core design principles and goals — 9to5Mac

Countless folks, including myself, have tried to come up with ways to fix” the new design and make it more familiar and comfortable to use. This is my latest try. What I wanted to do was to follow the same principles and aim for the same goal. A mobile browser that’s easy to use in one hand and one that makes switching between sites on the fly a breeze.

This is another concept that builds on the Maps app UI. I like the creativity and think it’s heading in the right direction.

  1. Forget RCS: Here’s Apple can make iMessage better for iPhone users now — Macworld

Just this past week, I was in a lengthy family message thread, populated mostly with Apple device users, but with a few Android owners in the mix. And there I encountered the problem that has annoyed every iMessage user at some point: you respond to a message with a tapback (those handy thumbs up/thumbs down/heart/etc) and the message thread spits out Dan liked” followed by the entire text of the original message.

My mom has become prolific at using Tapbacks. I really like them, but they do kind of get in the way in message threads with non-iMessage users. And emoji tapbacks would be awesome!

  1. Running the Isle - Patagonia

Even so, it’s also said to be the most revisited. Isle Royale certainly gets a hold on people,” one park service employee told me. After years of wondering about the Isle, I finally went this May. But planning a running trip was full of uncertainties. Few runners visit on any given year, making reliable information scarce.


Once I set foot on the island, everything that felt uncertain shifted to possibility. The unknown became promising. I was happy to be alone, to have time in the wilderness to myself, to just be. I had changed my route three times, but after arriving the only plan was to not get injured or lost. I was on island time, and there wasn’t a mosquito in sight. Instead of a through-route, I opted for a series of base camps and long loop runs.

My first real backpacking venture was on Isle Royale with my sister. It was a high school graduation gift from her, and ended up being a transformative experience in my life. The peace and challenge I found in the backcountry there is something I long for on a daily basis. I’d love to get back to Isle Royale sometime, and doing some extended runs there sounds like a unique adventure that really appeals to me.

Thanks for reading! If you found these things interesting too, or have something exciting to share, please drop me a line on Twitter!

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