We Know 10 Years Worth of Apple’s Upcoming Products

Typically the most tight-lipped tech company regarding future products, Apple has intentionally revealed what to expect from them over the next ten years. That’s right, even though something as longstanding as WWDC gets the Apple today announced” treatment each spring, we can write in an entire decade of products on our BINGO boards.

Okay, enough of a lede. Which product is it? Major League Soccer on Apple TV, of course. Apple announced in November that they were committed to a ten-year deal with MLS to be its exclusive streamer, with deep hooks into the matches and how they’re presented.

That’s big. Really big. Especially since Apple TV+ has only been around since 2019 — just three years. In striking this deal, Apple has communicated to the world that it’s in it for the long haul with Apple TV content. I don’t know if it has ever pledged to ten years of anything before. MLS Season Pass is a massive commitment to the Apple TV streaming platform.

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