⌘ February 5, 2022

Predicting the OS Name for Apple’s Rumored Headset

A woman wearing a gaming AR headset.
(Image: Jessica Lewis Creative)

It sounds like 2022 will finally be the year that we’ll get a peek at what Apple’s been cooking up for the AR/VR space. In addition to all the amazing features that we’ll be eager to dissect, it’s also the first time in a while that we’ve gotten to speculate on the name for not only the hardware of a new Apple product but also the software it runs.

I’m going to toss these ideas into the ring, from most likely to least likely.

  1. realityOS - Surprisingly, no one else has this yet. Communicates well what it’s for, and could be used for multiple devices (unlike iPadOS). Best contender.
  2. rOS - Similar to iOS in that it can cover multiple devices, but not as clear as realityOS. I think it might confuse customers.
  3. eyeOS - 😏 I would love this just for the pun. If they didn’t already have iOS, then I think it would be a stronger pick.
  4. appleOS - I’ll just put out there again that, ultimately, these products are all running on the same underlying system. iOS stemmed from OS X, which has now forked into all their other OSes. It kind of seems inevitable that they consolidate under one operating system that just manifests interfaces based on the device it’s running on. Could the AR/VR headset be the first? Maybe, but I doubt it.

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