‘What Is A Real Photograph?’

Noah Kalina on the fine line between digital and physical art:

On one side of the spectrum, you have art that was created entirely on the computer, and its final form is best experienced with the use of a computer. This type of art includes 3D art, pixel art, generative art, etc.

On the other side of this spectrum, you have works that are entirely produced with physical objects, in a physical environment, and the final output is best experienced in real life. Those art forms include painting, sculpture, dance, theater, etc.

Photography is in the middle.

Photography combines both physical aspects (both the tool and the construction of a photograph happen in the physical environment), but the capture and editing process happens in a digital environment.

Noah thinks about this kind of stuff day in and day out. It’s never occurred to me that digital photography straddles the fence, but I like it.

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