7 Things This Week [#120]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, but often not.

1️⃣ Indie App Sales has a list of over 300(!) apps that are providing some sort of discount for the Black Friday shopping event/week. I have a feeling that my digital wallet is about to get a bit lighter… [🔗 app.indieappsales.com]

2️⃣ I’ve enjoyed following along with Matt Birchler’s 365 Albums Project this year. I didn’t often listen to a full album he recommended, but I have been rocking out to the compilation playlist lately. In the moment, I didn’t appreciate his custom header images for the albums. Check out this retrospective post for some superb examples. I’m considering doing something similar next year… [🎵 Matt Birchler // birchtree.me]

3️⃣ I promise you that I do not climb like this. But the sheer audacity of this 9000-foot traverse, not to mention the manner by which these guys completed it, is jaw-dropping in every sense of the phrase. (Oh, and this crag, The Gunks, is kind of in my downstate backyard. I’ve been there a couple of times this month!) [▶️ Well Good Productions // youtube.com]

4️⃣ The thing I love about Chris Sharma is how unassuming his demeanor is. If you can subscribe to Reel Rock to see the full version of this video, I highly recommend it. You see him tackling this bleeding edge climb at the highest difficulty, while also balancing being a father and business owner. It’s so inspiring to see someone do it all. [▶️ REEL ROCK // youtube.com]

5️⃣ My wife and I have been loving Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+. Brie Larson is undeniable as Elizabeth Zott. Now Apple has put together a site with key recipes from the show! We’re gonna have to give some of these a try. (Oh my god, there are even premade ingredient carts for Instacart!) [🍽️ Apple TV+ // lessonsinchemistryrecipes.com]

6️⃣ I can’t disagree with any of these sources of awe, and in fact, I agree with all of them. [😮 @pratik // microblog.pratikmhatre.com]

7️⃣ Great, now I have a new pet peeve. Maybe skip this one if you don’t want a new thing to be bothered by. [😤 Mike Crittenden // critter.blog]

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