A Breakout Year for HeyDingus

If you’ll allow me a moment of introspection, I’d love to offer my thanks at the end of the year to anyone and everyone reading these words. I’ve been writing here on HeyDingus for three years now, but it’s only been in 2023 that I feel like finally hit my stride. I wrote the most posts yet in a year (by a lot!), and, back in November, I crossed 500 total posts written.

Getting to offload my weird thoughts, opinions, ideas, and creations out to the world is a privilege, and for some reason, many of you decide to read them. So many that I reached a completely arbitrary goal — one I made long ago — at the end of this year: over 10,000 views on my site for each of the last two months! 😮 I don’t write to chase those numbers, but I won’t lie — I think it’s pretty cool to reach so many people. And it feels good to meet that goal and move past it, in every sense of the phrase. 🎉 The best part is Tinylytics tells me that my home page has consistently been a top destination. I love that people still visit home pages to read their sites.

No, the actual best part has been the conversations and connections I’ve been fortunate enough to make through this site. If you’ve ever sent me an email, know that you made my day. If we’ve chatted on Micro.blog or Mastodon (or, yes, even Twitter when it still was), know that you’re part of a community I’ve come to cherish.

Thank you for your service, 2023. And here’s to 2024. May it be our best year yet. 🥳


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