Know When To Fold Them

Yours truly, back in June of 2021, writing about Apple being tight-lipped on which features in macOS Monterey would not be coming to Intel-powered Macs.:

I actually think this was a calculated decision. Apple is rumored to still have more Intel Macs to introduce. Understandably, they wouldn’t want to draw additional attention to OS features that those brand-new Macs won’t be able to use.

Thinking back through the timeline all the way to WWDC 2020, I don’t think this rumor actually panned out. As far as I can tell, not a single Intel Mac has been updated or introduced since the advent of the M1 chip. That rumored Mac Pro update that I linked to didn’t pan out, and the Mac Pro you can still buy today runs the same generation of Intel Xeon W processors.

Apple waited until they had a winning hand with their own silicon, then laid their cards and walked away from the poker table.

My take back then was wrong, but they did (and do!) continue to have an Intel machine for sale. I still tend to think Apple’s comparisons in marketing will get more aggressive once they complete their divorce from Intel.


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