7 Things This Week [#89]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

Happy Easter! 🐰

1️⃣ Lex Friedman (delightful podcaster), tired of getting confused with Lex Fridman (another podcaster), created a song to explain the situation to the swaths of folks who mix them up. [🔗 lexfriedman.com/friedman]

2️⃣ Just letting you know that NASA said Uranus has never looked better. [🔗 Jennifer Ouellette // arstechnica.com] (Via @RobertSilvernail)

3️⃣ The excellent Pixel Envy, written by Nick Heer, got a new coat of paint, and it looks great! I lost a good half hour just poking around the site. Very clean and attractive design. [🔗 Nick Heer // pxlnv.com]

4️⃣ Speaking of website updates, Jeff Perry has (re)created his internet home at JeffPerry.me. I love what he’s doing with the link colors and Font Awesome icons. And I’m excited that he’s a fellow Blottian! [🔗 jeffperry.me]

5️⃣ Remember the Intel inside” stickers that Apple famously wouldn’t allow on their Macs? You can now get a beautiful version made for Apple’s M-series chips. It’s cheeky and I love it. [🔗 insidesticker.com] (Via @BasicAppleGuy)

6️⃣ I CANNOT wait for the next Spider-Verse movie! The latest trailer looks killer. [▶️ Sony Pictures Entertainment // youtube.com]

7️⃣ I’m always down for a good workflow write-up. This one is by John Voorhees of MacStories, detailing how he saves and manages links (and is part of the Automation April series). His takeaway: be thoughtful about how you actually work before optimizing a process. I’ve done a bit of that for my own link management lately, so it hit the right chords. [🔗 John Voorhees // macstories.net]

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