⌘ April 16, 2023

7 Things This Week [#90]

A weekly list of interesting things I found on the internet, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ A follow-up to last week’s setup thing”, Jose Munoz has got a sweet setup going to keep track of his progress in the video games he’s playing using Things and Sofa as cornerstones. He scores bonus points for 1) his uber-clean website design, and 2) the ingenious AirPods Max tie-in to his gaming setup, which he accomplishes with a good ol’ fashion cable connected to his PS5 controller. I hadn’t remembered that noise cancelation and transparency modes work over the cable, but of course it does! [🔗 Jose Munoz // josemunozmatos.com]

2️⃣ Matt Birchler pulls a fast one to get us thinking. [🔗 Matt Birchler // birchtree.me]

3️⃣ This headline is as scary as it is fascinating: A strange streak of young stars is evidence of a runaway supermassive black hole, study finds’ [🔗 W. M. Keck Observatory // phys.org]

4️⃣ The age of oil and gas decline is about to begin. 🎉 [🔗 ember-climate.org] (Via One Sentence News)

5️⃣ People’s creativity astounds me. For instance these intricate artworks made by carefully bruising banana peels so that they darken into form. [🔗 Anna Chojnicka // bananabruiser.com] (Via kottke.org)

6️⃣ This wallet is designed to look just like a folder icon in macOS. It brings me so much joy with the care and attention to detail put into it. It’s exactly the right shade of blue. [🔗 Untitled Folder Wallet // nikolasbentelstudio.com] (Via @BasicAppleGuy)

7️⃣ If you, like me, departed Twitter and found refuge on Micro.blog, you might be interested in the newest feature that Manton and team introduced: A import tool to get all your tweets onto a dedicated blog at your own domain. It integrates well within your existing blog, and puts the control back into your hands (including edits! 😉), which you can see here in Manton’s screencast. It’s going to be my project for tomorrow. [▶️ Micro.blog // youtube.com]

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