David Smith: ‘Stretched’

Underscore” David Smith, with the perfect analogy for that post-grind feeling of aimlessness:

Imagine pulling out a rubber band to its full extent. In that moment the rubber band is being rightfully employed in its primary function, it is living its best life, it is right in the groove of what makes a rubber band a rubber band. Then imagine releasing the rubber band and letting it fall loose again. Now the rubber band finds itself without direction and is aware that in the process of its useful employ it has been altered slightly, that it is now slightly looser.

That feeling can be hard to shake. I felt it each August after living and breathing Summer Camp as Director for three months straight. David writes about his habit of escaping to nature on long hikes or camping trips after releasing big software updates to the world. A drastic change to the daily routine like that would help, I think, since it’d feel more normal to jump back into work upon return. If you’re going to lose a few days of productivity anyway, best to make it worthwhile and really disconnect and do something different and fun.


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