The Most Popular Mac Isn’t the MacBook Air. Wait, What?

Michael Potuck, recapping a CIRP report on the best-selling Mac models for 9to5Mac:

When it comes to what’s most popular between MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, you might guess it’s the more affordable Air. But as it turns out, MacBook Pro is the leader accounting for 54% of Apple’s laptop sales which also makes it the most popular Mac overall.

For desktop Macs, iMac makes up 50% of sales while somewhat surprisingly, Mac Pro isn’t far behind at 43%.

Interestingly, Mac mini and Mac Studio are a tiny sliver of Mac desktop sales at 4% each and a minuscule piece of the big picture with just 1% each of total Mac sales.

We, Apple commentators, often bemoan the existence of the continued existence of the M1/M2 MacBook Pro with TouchBar, but sales numbers talk. Between its more approachable price point of a Pro” level computer for consumers who want that distinction and businesses that feel like they have to deploy machines with Pro” in the name, I’d wager big that the 13” MacBook Pro accounts for a surprising chunk of that 54% of laptop sales.

Still, color me shocked that the MacBook Air isn’t Apple’s most popular Mac model. It seems the Mac is following in the iPhone’s footsteps in that the Pro models which cost the most also happen to sell the most.


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