Blank Page? Never Met Her.

Sebastian, writing for their Bear Blog:

The reason why I didn’t start a blog in the last five years? Simple: I liked to fantasize about starting more than I liked putting in the work. Everytime I daydreamed about writing, I felt great. Staring down the blank page, on the other hand, didn’t feel great. To be honest, deep down, we all know why we don’t start stuff. How many more posts on avoidance and procrastination can we stomach, really?

Here’s something unusual, I think: Trying to break through a blank page to write something worth reading is never a problem I’ve had.

I have effectively endless ideas for the things I want to write about — just never enough time to write them. They each have a title and perhaps a few bullet points of content that I jot down when the idea sparks. Places to start, in other words.

But when a really good idea strikes, I can’t help but write all of it down in one go. This post, for example, was written from the toilet (sorry, if TMI) in a Shortcuts prompt because I just had to get it all out of my head in the moment. But when I don’t have an all-consuming blog post to materialize, I turn to my list containing dozens of fragile ideas to cultivate into something I’m proud to publish.


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