Threads Graduates to Being a Social Network Where You Can Actually, You Know, Follow People

Chris Lawley on Threads:

If you don’t see the Following tab, try double tapping the Home button. Then you can swipe over to the Following feed. You can then double tap the Home button to hide the tabs at the top. From my testing it stays on the Following tab when you close the app and reopen it.

This instantly revives Threads for me. I was growing tired of missing posts from people I specifically followed, and of being inundated by random posts.

I hope they bring (brought?) over the You’re all caught up” feature from Instagram so I know when I’ve seen everything new from my following list. Then I might swipe over to the For you’ tab for more fresh posts.

The other next obvious-but-not-guaranteed feature Threads needs is to allow the Following’ tab to be set as the default view upon opening the app. Right now, it’s hidden whenever the app relaunches.1

  1. Relaunching is different than the reopening that Chris describes above. If the app stays in memory on your device, the Following’ tab stays put. But if it is Force Quit (which you should rarely do), or simply isn’t opened for a while, the tab appears to hide behind the double-tap gesture again.↩︎


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