The Impossible List

Through AJ Bourg’s site, I recently become aware of the impossible list:

A bucket list is focused [on] what you do before you die, the impossible list is focused on how you live.

I’ve always found bucket lists to be a bit morbid, so this clicked with me. I like the idea of achieving the impossible. Stretching for things that seem out of my reach. And then triumphantly crossing them off and dreaming ever bigger.

So I made one of my own.1

I spent some time this morning emptying my brain of the pie-in-the-sky goals I’ve been pushing off to a dark corner in there. There will certainly be more, and I’ll update the list, and write about them, as I continue to dream and achieve the impossible.

  1. And you should too! Oh, how I’d love to see everyone’s /impossible pages filled with their heart’s desires!↩︎

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