Open Reply shortcut

Use Apple Shortcuts to open the full conversation for a reply on from its URL.

This shortcut takes a URL for a reply’s post on a site, reconfigures it, and then opens that reply on the website so that you can see the full conversation.

It can be helpful because not all themes for sites include a link back to the replied-to post, and sometimes it’s nice to see the reply in context of the greater conversation.

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You can run this shortcut from its URL (such as from within a note, calendar event, or to-do item):


Latest Release Notes

Version 1.0 - Jul 30, 2023 at 3:30 PM

Version History

Thanks for checking out this shortcut! It’s part of the HeyDingus Shortcuts Library. If you’re sharing my shortcuts or modifying them (or see a bug or have a feature request), I’d love to hear from you — please give me a shout! And maybe consider a donation if you find this shortcut fun or useful. Thank you. ✌️