7 Things (I Learned About) This Week [#1]

  1. People have timed out how to watch movies so that their climax happens exactly at midnight. I bet there are more examples out there. I’ll file this away for next New Year’s Eve. [David Sparks]
  2. At least anecdotally, the volume of subscribers and payout for building apps as a side project is much lower than I expected. [Becky Hansmeyer]
  3. I should probably get some bottled water stashed away. [Stephanie Czekalinski]
  4. The idea of circular time vs. linear time. But I particularly enjoyed the picture at the bottom of the post which shows how to think about time in a more human, rather than analytical, way. [Austin Leon]
  5. Could be just me, but I always thought that the US Postal Service was largely funded by tax dollars. Turns out not at all for operating expenses. [USPS]
  6. Not even during the Civil War did the Confederate Flag make it across the Capitol’s threshold, but it was flaunted by the terrorists who stormed the Capitol this week.1 The whole ordeal was disgusting, and I hope eye-opening as to the intentions of the MAGA group. [Maria Cramer]
  7. This app, Longplay, should help with my recent habit of listening to albums straight through to appreciate their stories. [Jason Snell]

  1. Excepting, of course, that its symbolism was featured on the Mississippi state flag until it was finally changed last summer. Better late than never, I suppose.↩︎

7 Things

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