Flighty Pro Goes Free for the Most Hectic Travel Day of the Year

Developer Ryan Jones is getting into the holiday spirit by making the Pro features of his popular Flighty app free for everyone to use tomorrow. Here’s Parker Ortolani:

Our favorite flight tracking app, Flighty, is a must-have app for this time of the year and tomorrow the pro tier will be unlocked free-of-charge for all users. December 23rd is the busiest travel day of the year and all pro features will be available throughout the day for everyone, even users who don’t currently pay for the pro tier.

This is a cool thing to do. The iOS community has regularly rallied around efforts like this by indie developers who try to give back. Christian Selig, developer of Apollo, has run several specials where he donates the proceeds from purchases of his app to grassroots charities. It warms the cockles of my heart.

Oh, and I’ve used Flighty and can vouch for it fully. The pro features are totally worth the subscription when you need to travel by air. If that’s tomorrow for you, make sure you’re protected, and then check out Flighty.

Via 9to5Mac, which has a good rundown of the Pro features →


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