7 Things (I Enjoyed) This Week [#5]

  1. Mark Rober of YouTube is back with another over-the-top contraption. The NFL player, Matt Prater, seemed like a great guy too. [Mark Rober]
  2. Since I typically get frustrated and angry with folks complaining about being censored” by social media platforms, this bit of satire on McSweeney’s brought a smile to my face. [Eli Grober]
  3. There’s more I want to say about Arun’s site and several of his articles, but this bit about Apple’s identity guidelines from back in the 80’s was a fun dive. [Arun Venkatesan]
  4. Becca Farsace, a video director at The Verge, started a new YouTube channel recently. I always enjoy her appearances on Verge videos and podcasts, so I was pleased to see that she’s sharing more. Becca’s videos are fun, goofy, and indeed (to use her term) crispy. [Becca Farsace]
  5. I love macOS’s dynamic wallpapers that adapt throughout the day, and this Mac-assed throwback collection by Hector Simpson called Aqueuex” are irresistible. You can get the static mobile versions for free, but the dynamic ones for Mac are only $3. [Via 9to5Mac]
  6. If you’re not watching WandaVision on Disney+, then now is a great time to start. The first three episodes were a little off-putting, but episodes four and five have blown the story open, and I can’t stop thinking about it. [Disney+]
  7. You can always count on a new Apple product or feature to motivate me. It worked with Fitness+ to kickstart my exercise routine. Then again this week with the new Time To Walk program. This feature of Fitness+ on Apple Watch is a series of short stories from celebrities and a few songs meant to be listened to while walking. I wanted to try it out, and it did get me outside this week — despite the deep cold. I like how the host was also out on a walk during the recording, which, though gimmicky, effectively makes it feel like you’re on a walk along with them. [Via MacRumors]

7 Things

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