7 Things (That Are My “Don’t Miss” Youtube Channels) This Week [#9]

  1. MrBeast. I found MrBeast a few years ago and was really put off by his video style, which I found immature at the time. But now I’m so impressed by the empire Jimmy’s built by doing crazy moonshot stunt videos and by the philanthropy he does helping people with his money. A good starter video. [MrBeast Channel]
  2. MKBHD. If you’re into tech and not watching Marques, you’re missing out. I enjoy that his videos aren’t focused on just one type of technology or just one company — he branches out from your typical smartphones and laptops into amazing new devices coming up, retro tech, and more. And the video quality is always spot on. A good starter video. [MKBHD Channel]
  3. Us the Duo. I’ve been a big fan of Us the Duo as a band for many years. Michael and Carissa Alvarado are a married couple who produce music together, and they have a young toddler daughter, Xyla. For the past few months, I’ve been as entertained by their pandemic video projects as I am by their music. Once a week, they create a new song or cover live with an audience on Twitch, and then the 6-8 hours are artfully condensed down to roughly 10 minutes. They’ve also been making a weekly vlog about their family life; they seem like great parents and loving partners. A good starter video. [Us the Duo Channel]
  4. zefrank. After a multi-year hiatus, zefrank is back with hilarious videos about unlikely animals. I can’t say that I retain the true facts that he puts into every video, but I sure do laugh at each one. A good starter video. [zefrank]
  5. The Slow Mo Guys. In my opinion, Gav and Dan are the understated kings of YouTube. They’re down-to-earth, relatable people who enjoy creating something and putting it out into the world. They found a topic that they found interesting (showing the inner workings of everyday things, but in slow motion) and have been consistently improving video after video for over ten years. Gav’s a wizard with editing and sound design, and Dan is so funny and willing to go the extra mile for an entertaining video. We haven’t seen much of Dan during the pandemic, but Gavin’s done a superb job of keeping up the channel solo and sharing some behind-the-scenes of their process. A good starter video. [The Slow Mo Guys Channel]
  6. Becca Farsace. I think I linked to Becca’s first video when she launched her channel, but I’ve continued to enjoy her vlogs. Becca’s day job is as a video director for the The Verge, so the quality of her videos is predictably excellent. Beyond sharp shots and masterful editing, Becca tells stories well and lets her goofy personality shine in each one. A good starter video. [Becca Farsace Channel]
  7. CGP Grey. Another decade-long YouTuber, Grey does explainer videos for whatever catches his interest. Luckily, a lot of our interests overlap! The research and preparation that go into each video are visibly enormous, and the animations are full of whimsy and easter eggs. I also listen to Grey on the Cortex podcast, which I likewise recommend. A good starter video. [CGP Grey Channel]

7 Things

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