7 Things This Week [#10]

  1. Wow. I was making footnotes1 way harder by trying to match up numbers at the bottom of the document. [iA Writer]
  2. This video of concert goer Kiss Guy” getting invited onstage and absolutely shredding at a Foo Fighter concert was a fun watch. [Via ATP]
  3. Cherry, the other hand, was an intense watch. Tom Holland was superb in his role, leaving me on the edge of my seat and face in my hands throughout most of the movie. I can surely say it made me want to never get caught up in war, drugs, or robbery — that’s for sure. [Apple TV+]
  4. Apple published a webpage to consolidate the Privacy Labels for its own apps. There are way more of them here than I ever knew about! [Via 9to5Mac]
  5. We recently picked up Spyro: Reignited Trilogy for the PS5. It’s been super fun to play back through one of my favorite games as a kid. It looks great with updated graphics, but plays just the same which is perfect for turning off my brain. [Wikipedia]
  6. This video of outtakes from a classic Parks and Rec scene sent me down a Craig Middlebrooks rabbit hole. What a unique character. [Via Do By Friday]
  7. Marques Brownlee released a 45-minute opus on the iPhone as an exploration of long-form video on YouTube. It was impressive. While I can’t say I’d want one of these every week, I’m curious to see what comes of him flexing his production chops like this in the future. [MKBHD]

  1. Like this.↩︎

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