‘Nodding heads, not turning heads’

Some insight from Jason Fried on his HEY World blog:

Whenever I write something with the intention to explain, sell, or promote, I’m aiming for head nods. I’m looking to find a certain resonance with those who are already traveling in this direction, who already see things similarly.

I could learn from this. Reflecting now, I see that when I write content for summer camp promotion, I start with the assumption that the reader has better things to do. I try hard to convince them. This is likely why I write too many words and then have to edit way down.

While there are certainly people who need convincing, they’re probably not the ones who are going to spend the time to get to the bottom of the page. The people who already have an interest are 1) the people who have found their way to my content for a nibble, and 2) are also the most likely to finish the bite. In reality, it’s a more valuable use of time and resources to write directly to them.

→ Source: Jason Fried on HEY World


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