Apple Likely Downplayed the M1-Specific macOS Features on Purpose

Oliver Haslam, writing at iMore:

As we found out yesterday, not all macOS Monterey features will not be available to those on Intel Macs. Portrait Mode in FaceTime, some Maps features, and on-device dictation are all out and that’s just the start. The missing features can be blamed on Intel chips and their lack of a Neural Engine in some cases. In others, it’s just a case of good old-fashioned performance — Apple is only confident that its M1 Macs can handle features like the high resolution, detailed all-new city maps experience it showed off on Monday.

The reasons for the features going walkabout on Intel Macs isn’t really important here. It’s the messaging. Or lack of it.

We all found out that Intel Macs were getting left behind two days after macOS Monterey was announced. Why? Because it was hidden at the bottom of the update’s preview page on

I actually think this was a calculated decision. Apple is rumored to still have more Intel Macs to introduce. Understandably, they wouldn’t want to draw additional attention to OS features that those brand-new Macs won’t be able to use.

I’m sure when the whole lineup is powered by Apple silicon, Apple’s marketing team won’t pull any punches when compared to the competition.

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