Creators Are Joining the Fight Against In-App Payment Policies

Plant growing from a pile of pennies
Creators say Apple’s cut of in-app purchases prevents them from growing their business. (Image: Micheile Henderson on Unsplash)

Jacob Kastrenakes writing at The Verge about Fanhouse and other creator-focused apps’ clash with Apple’s App Review:

The app only takes a 10 percent cut on its own, so the platform’s creators could soon be earning a whole lot less. Rice says she would be okay with handing Apple a 30 percent cut of Fanhouse’s own profits. But once that 30 percent has to cut into creators’ profits, it starts to hurt people, not just the platform. This money really means a second job for some people, that they have a place to live, that they can afford tuition,” Rice says. And we tried to explain this to Apple.”


Apple’s App Store rules didn’t even acknowledge creators until this week. On Monday, they were updated with a new section saying that creator-made content and experiences are allowed in apps — so long as they’re properly moderated and monetized for Apple.

A reckoning is brewing, not just from big corporations, but from (influential) creators too. I hope Apple is willing to reconsider some of its App Store policies, which are now over ten years old, for the new lay of the land. They’re going to need to bend or risk breaking.

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