iMac Pro Discontinued, but Not Dead?

After some minor sleuthing, I think the name iMac Pro” will be reintroduced and fully replace the 27-inch iMac. The M1 iMac webpage doesn’t include the phrase 24-inch iMac” anywhere. The 27-inch iMac page, on the other hand, alludes to its size everywhere. If the larger, higher-powered model were to share the standard iMac name, you’d think the 24-inch would continue to include that differentiator.

When the iMac Pro was discontinued earlier this year, I figured Apple would explain it by saying the regular iMacs, powered by Apple Silicon, were so powerful that there be no need for a Pro.” There would be smaller and larger versions, as usual, and that would satisfy the iMac market just like it did before the iMac Pro was a thing. Because otherwise, why not keep selling the old iMac Pro until an Apple Silicon version was ready? Now I think it was simply a matter of supply and demand, along with wanting to clear the decks for a grand reintroduction.1

Without copy to change on the 24-inch iMac’s marketing page, the transition will be that much easier.

  1. It also gives me hope that the regular HomePod will get reimagined and reintroduced. For how can you have a mini without a regular?  ↩︎

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