7 Things (Which Are Some Cool Shit From CES) This Week [#43]

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The Consumer Electronics Show is a breeding ground for wacky tech ideas. Some of which actually make it to market. This is a collection of neat ones that made it across my radar.

1️⃣ TP-Link is finally making some HomeKit-enabled products | The Verge

I’m all for more HomeKit devices that don’t require a hub. I hope their thinking about supporting Matter, though.

2️⃣ Schlage unveils smart lock with support for HomeKit and home keys in the Wallet app | 9to5Mac

I’m so looking forward to the future with my home and car keys being stored in Apple Wallet and enabled through Ultra-wide Band.

3️⃣ CES 2022: Chipolo Launches Find My-Compatible Wallet Tracker | MacRumors

This is the Find My device that I’ve been waiting for. I lose my wallet more than any other item, and it’s one of the few that the classic AirTag form factor doesn’t really work for. It was an insta-order for me. (I actually just got an AirTag-compatible wallet for Christmas — it has a holder for an AirTag built-in — but being able to use my favorite wallet is better by far.)

4️⃣ Anker showcases new 100W GaN charger, first laser projector, much more at CES 2022 | 9to5Toys

Anker’s chargers are best-in-class, and I get overly excited by how much power they can pack into such a small space. The projector looks pretty sweet, too.

5️⃣ Sony pivots into cars with Sony Mobility and a Vision-S SUV prototype at CES 2022 | The Verge

I never heard about Sony’s previous Vision-S concept car. But creating a new company around the initiative seems like a big move — especially for someone as brand-conscious as Sony. I’m interested to see where this goes, especially in the context of the rumored Apple car.

6️⃣ Belkin Wemo going all in on Thread and Matter for 2022 with new Switch, Dimmer, and Smart Plug | 9to5Mac

Wemo hasn’t always been the most reliable for me, but hopefully this pivot to support Matter and Thread makes a noticeable difference. More competition in the Smart Home space is a win, if you ask me.

7️⃣ BMW debuts its new color-changing paint technology at CES: E Ink | The Verge

You probably saw this announcement already, but it doesn’t make it any less cool! While it’s not something you’d want to do while on the road, this technology looks way fun to tinker with. And it’s built on the tech used in e-readers, for goodness sake! Just wow.

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