Just Remove the Computing Bits

Parker Ortolani, at 9to5Mac, commenting on how Apple could and should take the obvious route for their entry consumer display:

The iMac starts at just $1,299. That base model comes with a Magic Keyboard ($99) and a Magic Mouse ($79). Right off the bat, you can remove $180 off the price. Apple’s displays don’t need to come bundled with other accessories. Then remove the actual computer. I can’t really say what the computer inside of the iMac would cost, but it’s likely that the display itself is a more expensive component than anything on the motherboard. Apple could probably charge less, but to maintain a healthy margin they could sell their display for just $999. In fact, that’s the price of the last consumer display that was retired in 2016.

Yes! Use 👏 the 👏 same 👏 parts! By all accounts, the 24-inch iMac has a great display. Keep the speakers, the ports, the webcam — hell, even the same enclosure would be fine — and call it a day. They’ve already done the hard part.

Then Apple can shift focus to high-end monitors with fancy features like Mini LED, HDR, and high refresh rate.

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