The Revolving Door for Apple’s Top PR Job Gets Another Go Round

Chance Miller reports at 9to5Mac on the latest Apple exec switch up. If the shoe doesn’t fit…

This shakeup is particularly interesting for a number of reasons. For context, Steve Dowling was named vice president of communications for Apple in April 2015, taking the reigns from Katie Cotton. Dowling, however, then abruptly left the company in October 2020. From there, Apple fellow Phil Schiller was in charge of Apple’s public relations until Low was hired in May of 2021. 


Low’s seven months on the job were tumultuous in a number of ways. Apple is currently embroiled in a number of high-profile legal battles with the likes of Epic Games and Spotify, and also facing antitrust pressure around the world. Apple also announced a handful of new Child Safety features last summer. These announcements were widely criticized — with many suggesting Apple botched the announcement and press around the features more than anything.

Apple’s tone-deafness in its announcements over the last couple of years has been notable. They’ve got to find the right person to overhaul their public communication strategy. I don’t know if Huguet will be the one — she’s been at Apple for 15 years, so she’s been part of both the ups and the downs — but I hope so.

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