7 Things This Week [#65]

A weekly list of things I found interesting, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ Cards Against Humanity is back on their shit. [Link - clams.lol]

2️⃣ Amy Pechacek surfaced 20 super cool websites that you should tuck away into your back pocket. Some of them I knew about, but others blew my mind. My favorite is doesthedogdie.com. [Link - @pechacek_amy // twitter.com]

3️⃣ Other people are talking about a different album this week, but I was more excited to discover that dodie dropped a great new EP recently. It was sneaky; I hadn’t known it was coming up! [Link - dodie // album.link]

4️⃣ I’ve never known how the humidity settings on fridge veggies drawers were supposed to work, but this chart is helpful. [Link - Optimal Storage Conditions // engineeringtoolbox.com]

5️⃣ How is it that Nathan Fillion looks younger in his latest role starring in The Rookie than he did in Castle? The guy’s got a thing for police shows. Also, Nathan Fillion is a national treasure. [Link - The Rookie // imdb.com]

6️⃣ If you happen to be developing a website, this speed test tool from Pingdom is pretty neat. Oh, who left this performance grade of A/99 here? 😉 🙌 [Link - Website Speed Test // tools.pingdom.com]

7️⃣ I can’t believe I haven’t linked to this before, but the BEATstrumentals’ playlist from Apple Music is my go-to while writing — or really any time that I need to focus. No lyrics, cyclic rhythms, and still being updated years after its debut. It’s what I’m listening to right now. [Link - BEATstrumentals // music.apple.com]

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