A Web-based Writing Environment for Blot

I just discovered wall.blot.im, which appears to be a web app for writing out blog posts for Blot via the web. All it takes is a browser and a connection to your Dropbox account. After logging in to Dropbox, the page lets you type out a new post, export it, or publish it directly.

It’s hard to imagine a time these days where I would need to write on a device that wasn’t mine, but it could happen. It’s a good tool to have on the belt. The real question, though, is how I’d remember my Dropbox password without a personal device. And if I have the personal device to look up my password…I may as well write in one of my preferred apps? Like I said, probably not a critical find, but I’m glad to know it exist, nonetheless.

UPDATE: It’s not ideal, since any YAML front matter gets published as literal text, but still useful in a pinch, I suppose. And the post gets synced back to the Dropbox account, ready to be edited in any of the usual ways. For example, this very update was edited within the Dropbox app itself on my iPhone.


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