‘It’s not an experience’

Jason Fried:

They ask me to rate my experience”. Thing is, I didn’t have an experience. The delivery person just left the package by the mailbox and I grabbed it when I got home. And what does it mean to even rate a delivery like this? It showed up, it was correct… Is that a 5-star experience? Would it only be worth 3 stars if the package was lying on the ground instead of propped up against the wall? There isn’t enough there there to even establish a value.

If you’re going to ask anything, a more apt question might be Did the correct prescription show up on time?” Then I can answer yes or no. But rate the experience? And every time I get a prescription, it’s the same question about the experience.

He’s right. I’d be way more likely to tap a yes’ or no’ link if you ask me a single, simple question. And then, if I answer no”, you’re welcome to follow up with more questions. But just ask what you actually want to know, and make it easy.

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