Email Address Whoopsie

So, hey, I’m kind of a newbie when it comes to behind-the-scenes internet stuff. Apparently, when you move your domain from one host to another (like from Squarespace to Blot), you should also make sure to change the DNS records that are associated with any email addresses using that domain.


I didn’t do that. So if you’ve tried to send me an email addressed to either or in the past 3 weeks and 6 days, I didn’t get it. So sorry about that!

But I’ve solved the issue, and am receiving messages at those addresses once again. I just had to delete the domain from iCloud Custom Domains1, re-add it, and then update the DNS records on Hover. Easy peasy, but something I overlooked in the big move.

If you’d like to resend, I’ll be sure to read and respond (unless you’re spam 😝).

  1. iCloud Custom Domains for Mail has been awesome and rock-solid for me, besides this one issue which was totally on me. I highly recommend it if you use iCloud for email, but want to receive emails from multiple domains without paying extra to the domain registrar.↩︎

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