Gurman’s Alternate iPad Lineup

Mark Gurman writing in his Power On newsletter:

I think the iPad line should eventually look like this: 

  • iPad SE (entry level): This would be today’s $329 iPad geared toward education users or, eventually, the new entry-level iPad once Apple is able to make it for $350 or less. That might take time since the company isn’t going to sacrifice its margins. 
  • iPad and iPad mini (mid-tier): Apple would need to merge the features and specifications of three iPads—the new entry-level model, the Air and the current mini—and then offer that product in both standard and mini sizes.
  • iPad Pro (high end): This would be the iPad Pro of today, but ideally with some significant improvements. 

I like the logic of this lineup. The middle of the iPad line is too muddled at present. And I long for the days when the iPad mini felt like it had equal footing with its larger sibling. The current mini is great (and technically even better than the newest 10th-gen iPad in some ways), but it shouldn’t feel like a one-off model. It should progress alongside the mainstream” iPad.


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