7 Things (Which Are Apple Software Wishes) This Week [#48]

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This week was filled with folks dreaming up where Apple could go next with their software. Here’s a roundup!

1️⃣ 9to5Mac lays out hopes for the next generation of iPad software, including that it needs to expand to let more apps exist in floating, adjustable windows. This feels like a perennial wish, but we’ll see. [Link]

2️⃣ Reminders has to be one of the most popular apps on the iPhone, and yet there are still some obvious improvements to be made. Tim Nahumck lays out his wishes for the app, including some intriguing ideas for its widgets. [Link]

3️⃣ Jordan Singer imagines a redesigned and more modern-looking Phone app. [Link]

4️⃣ It’s hard to say for certain since Siri has a shaky reputation when it comes to mistakes and sending you to other devices to finish tasks, but this Reddit video sure makes it look like Apple might be bringing a more useful display to HomePod. 🙏🤞🤩 [Link]

5️⃣ On Mac Power Users, Stephen and David talk through which apps — Mail, Contacts, and System Preferences, to name a few — have gotten pushed under the rug and could use a dusting off. They’ve got suggestions galore. [Link]

6️⃣ Based on this latest acquisition of an AI music generator, the previous rumblings of a rewritten Mac app, and the announcement of a Classical-focused app coming this year, I’d say Music is going to get the spotlight at WWDC this year. Maybe I ought to hold off on paying for Endel… [Link]

7️⃣ Speaking of which, the latest Apple Music app update on Android gives us a peek at what interactive widgets on iPhone could look like and reveals the likely name of their upcoming classical music service. [Link]

+1 for this bit of whimsy:

Tweet showing ‘Apple Classical’ in Apple’s old Garamond font.
Parker Ortolani’s Tweet

And here’s something new: A bonus link, inspired by Colin Wright’s daily newsletter. I’m going to try including a trust click” at the end of 7 Things, for which I won’t give a description but is guaranteed to be a fun diversion. You’ll just have to trust me. 😉

Trust Click

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