‘Preserve and Play the Original Wordle for Decades with WordleForever’

Federico Viticci, writing at MacStories:

So in the spirit of game preservation (a topic I care deeply about) and out of skepticism regarding the future of Wordle as a NYT product, I teamed up with Finn Voorhees to create WordleForever, a shortcut that lets you back up the entire Wordle game offline — on your device — using Apple’s Shortcuts app so you can keep playing the game for the next few decades. With WordleForever, you can put the original Wordle on your iPhone or iPad Home Screen and play the original game (with the same words as everyone else) for years to come.

I can’t promise this is the last I post about Wordle, but I can feel the saga coming to a close with its acquisition by The New York Times. But a good closer is to see how Federico figured out how to preserve and play the original Wordle using Shortcuts. If NYTs stewardship goes south, this is how I’ll keep playing.

And I can’t help but share this very good tweet:

Linked Shortcuts

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