7 Things This Week [#53]

A weekly list of things I found interesting, posted on Sundays. Sometimes themed, often not.

1️⃣ Go watch Severance on Apple TV+. Its dark and mysterious plot makes it the most compelling new show I’ve seen since The Leftovers. [Link - justwatch.com]

2️⃣ The new iPad Air has so much in common with previous iPads that Jason Snell cleverly reviewed it by piecing together quotes from his old reviews. [Link - Jason Snell // sixcolors.com]

3️⃣ When reading about Ayaka’s digital detox, this part stood out about catching up with others without worrying about who’s updated on what. I’ve noticed it, and it’s refreshing. [Link - Ayaka Nonaka // ayakanonaka.com]

Because I don’t look at or share on Instagram where people post about their adventures and major life events, when I actually catch up with people, there’s a lot to ask and talk about. It’s nice not having to wonder whether someone already knows about everything you’ve been up to, or if they think that you already know what they’ve been up to. We can just catch up on everything with no assumptions.

4️⃣ ScreenTimes has a page outlining each week’s episode releases for Apple TV+ alongside a subscribable calendar. The volume of new episodes every week is starting to pack a punch. [Link - screentimes.net]

5️⃣ Hard research to back up what we already knew: pockets in women’s pants are woefully inadequate. They found that only 10% of women’s pockets will fit an average woman’s hand. This page has tons of great comparisons and visualizations. [Link - Jan Diehm, Amber Thomas // pudding.cool]

6️⃣ I’m a big fan of the MayTree YouTube channel, where the five-person acapella group performs short renditions of popular tunes. You’ve probably seen them. Their latest video showcases their frontwoman’s incredible soprano voice in the Up theme. [Link - MayTree // youtube.com]

7️⃣ A Whiskey Ginger has rapidly become my new favorite cocktail. It’s simple — just equal parts whiskey and ginger ale — and tasty. [Link - allrecipes.com]

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