Studio Display as Apple TV?

Studio Display with trackpad, mouse and keyboard.
(Image: Apple)

Learning that the Studio Display not only has an A13 processor but also runs the full version of iOS 15 and has 64 GB of storage has led to a bunch of ideas of how the display could do more than be an external monitor.

Personally, I think the most interesting of them is if the Studio Display could boot into an Apple TV mode running tvOS. It’s got enough storage to run streaming video apps and a couple of games, which either a paired keyboard/mouse or the Remote app on iOS devices could control.

Enabling iPadOS or macOS may be a stretch too far, but this display already has better guts than the Apple TV 4K (running on an A12), and would make for a pleasant personal entertainment center. Throw in the FaceTime app to use its Center Stage camera, and Studio Display makes for an excellent stand-alone video call station, too.

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