My Appearance on ‘Really Specific Stories’

I’m delighted to share that I was the most recent guest on Martin Felds Really Specific Stories podcast. I’ve mentioned RSS before, but in a nutshell it’s a podcast where Martin asks folks about their relationship to podcasts, and then follows the conversation wherever it leads. It’s also part of his graduate research project!

RSS podcast artwork featuring my name.
👀 👀 👀

As a big fan of Martin in general, and RSS specifically, it was quite the thrill to be interviewed by him for that show. We delved into my history with podcasts, the how and why I got into blogging, where my fascination for Apple and tech stems from, my thoughts on Jason Snell’s groundbreaking 20 Macs for 2020 project, I think about accessibility, and so much more along the way. Even my favorite color. 😉

Martin is a supremely talented and curious interviewer, keenly latching onto key bits of the conversation and drawing out connections even I didn’t notice about myself. As I told Martin when he invited me on, I usually feel very self-conscious to talk about myself and am typically a flat storyteller. That, along with this being my very first time on the speaking side of a podcast rather than the listening side, made me quite nervous. But it paradoxically felt both exhilarating and completely comfortable to just chat with Martin as an internet friend. All those hours listening to RSS and another of Martin’s shows, the also-great Hemispheric Views, made it easy to jump into our conversation.

I hope you’ll check out my episode and the rest of the RSS back catalog. Every episode has been great, but Martin really scored a blockbuster guest in the episode before mineDaring Fireballs John Gruber. A tough act to follow for sure, but I’ve got to say that it’s surreal to be in the same RSS feed as Gruber and many other of my internet heroes.

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