A Few Rambly Thoughts About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Movie

I went into the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie expecting something along the lines of Hamilton. A well-produced video capture of a live event. And, I suppose, that is what I got. But what I hadn’t anticipated was the awe-inspiring, mind-boggling creative production that was this concert — if you can even call it a concert.

Taylor Swift is at the top of her game. It was quite the thing to be reminded of the breadth of her discography. Her mastery of songwriting has only grown over time, and she’s an intricate wordsmith. These are things that I already knew, but re-appreciated during the film.

I hadn’t realized what a commanding performer she is. That stage was all hers from the very first beat. Every movement was measured, rehearsed, and then executed with extreme precision. It was almost uncomfortable at first being confronted with something so obviously calculated. It felt somewhat antithetical to the idea of seeing a creative artist live. But then I realized that this is just what Taylor Swift does. She sets a goal and then pursues it relentlessly until it is perfect. Why would her self-funded, self-distributed show be any different?

In the end, I came to enjoy watching and being amazed by such a precise performance. The details of its production were astonishing. The seamless costume changes and transitions. The elegantly-styled microphones that matched each Era’s theme. What I wouldn’t give to see a rundown of the logistics behind this show.

What I think I enjoyed most, even beyond the absolutely top-tier and cutting edge production, was that it was so obvious that Taylor was having fun from beginning to end.

She’s set a new bar with the Eras Tour. And I can’t even imagine who could top it.

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