Letters with Kev, November 2023 [#2]

Jarrod’s and Kev’s avatars separated by the letter emoji and their website domains, heydingus.net and kevquirk.com, below their images.
(Image inspiration: Jose Munoz)

Kev Quirk and I did our latest exchange with for the PenPals project this month. You can follow along with our conversation here, but you owe it to yourself to see the awesome email styling that he’s done over on his site.

Here’s a peek into our second exchange, as summarized by ChatGPT:

In this exchange, Kev and Jarrod cover a range of topics. Kev shares insights on his blog hosting choices, preference for Blot and Kirby, and his diverse interests like watches, animals, and blog writing. Jarrod discusses his experience as a Mountain Guide and Scout Camp Director, revealing aspirations for owning and operating a climbing gym and doggy daycare. They delve into the challenges of managing a Scout group and the joy of parenting. The conversation extends to the addictive nature of smartwatches, syncing multiple watches, and blogs and podcasts they follow. It’s a rich dialogue spanning personal experiences, hobbies, and future goals.

If you’d like to be a penpal for this project, please reach out! I’d love to get you on the schedule.


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